Room Thermostat (W-H4000)

Type:Room Thermostat (W-H4000)

Class:HVAC Products



Series W-H4000 digital heating room thermostat is designed

for heating systems and FCU systems, helping the user to

regulate the room temperature.


- Concise and elegant appearance suitable for upscale

shopping centers, hotels, offices and home

- Large LCD sized 86×86

- Real-time clock with rechargeable power supply (programming


- Scheduling setting for a week (programming type)

- 6 segments programming for a day (programming type)

- Switching among single internal control, single external

control and double control modes is available

- Auto-correction for temperature deviation

- Settable return difference of temperature in internal control

- Settable return difference of temperature in external

temperature-limiting control

- Day, night, on holiday and scheduling (programming type)

modes available

- Keypad lockable function

- Backlight display (backlight type)

- Save function starts if it suddenly loses its power