2-Piece, Full Port, Bronze Ball Valves (FBV)

Class:Valve Products

Application and Features:
Building services, municipal waterworks and light
Product Features:
1. Suitable for a full range of liquids and gases.
2. Minimal pressure drop due to full size ports.
3. Bottom loaded blowout proof stem.
4. Virgin PTFE stem packing seal, thrust washer
and seat.
5. Vinyl insulator on heavy duty zinc plated carbon
steel handles.
6. Fast quarter-turn open or close operation.
7. Excellent for throttling and balancing application
of non-abrasive fluids where minimum flow is
20% to 100% of valve capacity.
8. Low operating torque.
9. Adjustable stem packing gland.
10. 600psi (41bar) WOG, 125psi (8.6bar) WSP.