Series W-DPA912-16/25T (DN25-DN50)

Type:Series W-DPA912-16/25T (DN25-DN50)

Class:HVAC Products



The Series W-DPA912 Pressure Independent Control Valve

is designed for terminal equipment in AHU, PAU or MAU

systems and for terminal equipment such as plate heat

exchanger in heating systems. It is used to regulate the flow

and simultaneously keep the differential pressure at both ends

of the valve constant. Since the valve avoids flow fluctuation

caused by the opening or closing of other equipment, the

system is able to be stable, efficient and energy-saving.


- Equal percentage control characteristic

- Constant differential pressure is achieved

- Self-balancing valve core realizes easy shutoff

- V-ring sealing and self-compensating spring result in higher

abrasion resistance and longer service life

- Electronic preset of maximum flow facilitates on-site


- Fault auto-detection and alarm function

- Overload protection for power supply

- Stroke auto-detection

- Manual lever for convenient on-siting commissioning and