Electric Control Ball Valve(W-ECBV-16Z)

Type:Electric Control Ball Valve(W-ECBV-16Z)

Class:HVAC Products



Series W-ECBV electric control ball valve is widely used to

regulate the flow in center air-conditioning, heating, water

treatment and industry processing systems. It is driven by

the Series W-A12 rotary actuator. After receiving a standard

regulation signal or a floating point signal, the actuator rotates

the ball in the valve body to the designated opening position.


- Accurate equal percentage flow control characteristic

achieved by its unique coned water inlet

- Concise structure of flow passage largely avoids blockage

- High flow capacity and low resistance loss

- No leakage by using double shaft seal

- Super silence design achieves quiet operation

- High shutoff pressure and high working pressure

- Equipped with manual lever and opening degree indicator