With Xylem A-C fire pump systems you can rest assured of start-up and future product support being available locally, worldwide.

  1. Pressure sensing lines installed per code requirements
  2. UL Listed/FM Approved diesel engine
  3. Flowmeter loop
  4. Listed OS and Y valve
  5. Listed butterfly valve
  6. Listed main relief valve
  7. Single point electrical connection (all electrical components pre-wired at the factory)
  8. Pre-piped fuel system
  9. UL Listed FM approved fire pump controller
  10. Closed waste cone
  11. Listed check valve
  12. Stuffing box and engine raw water drain
  13. UL Listed fuel tank sized per NFPA #20
  14. UL Listed FM approved fire pump

Typical Applications:
Industrial Plants-Automotive, Breweries, Pulp & Paper, Chemical, Pharmaceutical
Government-Embassies, Military Bases, Administrative Buildings
Commercial Construction- Hi-rise Buildings, Hotels, Offices, Warehouses
Institutions- Hospitals, Correctional Facilities, Nursing Homes, Schools